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Airline System

Our system allows pilots to fly with planes like in the real world. We have an exact count of aircraft, with their own registrations (tail numbers). Flights are designed to simulate planes turnarounds on the scheduled and charter flights. It is even possible to make the traffic non-stop if pilots wish it so and book flights accordingly. We are going to design new routes with regard to pilots' residences.

Expanded menu

You will be able to see the expanded menu (like on the picture) after logging in. Then you can submit flight reports, book flights and read detailed flight information, download repaints, company checklists, change your settings and much more.

Learn mode

This useful tool should help you with your first steps of using our webpages. After logging in, it displays learn messages, which instruct you step by step what to do if you want to perform a flight etc., so you do not have to study any tutorials.


You can select from a big amount of flights. They repeat in a weekly cycle and sometimes nonscheduled flights are added. Each flight has its fixed departure and arrival time and a plane which must be used for the flight. You will get detailed information about both departure and arrival airports. The page contains important links, METARs, aerial photos of airports etc. It is possible to print out a journey log (report form for in-flight use) before a flight.




Personal stats

You can try it now, simply go to someone's profile.

Google Earth & Google Maps

You can display any flight in Google Earth or Google Maps. Google Earth will even show you the altitude data.

Google Earth

Google Earth


This is a complete database of your flights. It is slightly different from the public one, available in pilots' profiles. You can also see reports here that are not validated by the staff or filed by you. After a flight, you will have to fill the report. It will appear here after the scheduled arrival time of the flight.


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